The climate

The Dominican Republic is as you know in the Caribbean.

The climate is tropical, but not as extreme as, for example, in Thailand. During the day, 27-29 degrees at night and 18-22 degrees depending on the season. The sensation of temperature is a bit different, because the humidity is higher than in Europe.
There are also summer and winter, but which is not so different turns as in Europe. Mainly here is different summer and winter at night. In the winter time it can be felt very cool ever. In summer, the nights stay warm until hot. During the day, especially when the sun shines, the differences are not quite so's always warm.
Between May and October is officially here rainy season. This does not mean that it rains constantly. Rather, it means that can raining it once. There are also days because it does not rain, then days it rains a full day or two, but you can also outside the rainy season passieren.In usually it rains in the wet season once a day and the short and strong. However, it remains hot during the rain and after. Outside of the rainy season, it can not rain weeks. This is not just good for the overall feeling.
Due to various anxious inquiries should also be the subject of hurricanes mentioned. The last hurricane hit the island in 1999, and this also predominantly in the north. The Dominican Republic is very Hurricangünstig located in this sense, because until now we always had here the happiness that passing by the hurricane on the Atlantic side of the north or the Caribbean Sea to the south and later to the north, ie USA rotate. I myself am now over 3 years in the Dominican Republic and have not yet experienced. Höchtens sprawling foothills of a hurricane. So you see, the possibility is relatively low, a hurricane missed your vacation.

Country and People

Although it is always different reports in the media, the Dominican Republic is a very poor 3rd world country. With all typical of the 3rd world behavior of people. Although there are a small group of people who have a lot of money, but the majority of the population is poor. The standard of living itself is low, except in the realms of the island.
As a rule, the Dominicans are a very polite people, although various behaviors for the average Europeans are used to. But it's a different culture. Even in stress situations and armed try the Dominicans always to maintain posture and do not be offensive. This, I always find fascinating.
In the tourist areas in which we find ourselves now times, the whole looks a little different. These areas attract necessarily always people who want to make a different way of money.
By and large, it is not dangerous to move in the Dominican Republic. We also give a detailed introduction to the behavior and habits of the Dominicans if you wish.

If you wish we can also give you the opportunity to give the real Dominican Republic meet. Starting from the hustle and bustle of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, to the nothing out of the rest-making life in the country. You will experience fascinating contrasts.

Means of Payment

Cash in the Dominican Republic is the Dominican Peso. This is pegged to the dollar. The exchange rate moves mostly to the 1:50 euro in pesos and dollars into pesos 1:33.

However, you need not take too much cash if you do not want. In the Dominican Republic, you can normally take off with any normal EC cash card or credit card, on ATMs. This has you automatically get the best price also has the advantage. The bank charges stick with 2-3 in the frame.


Vaccinations or medical check precautionary

There are for entry or your holiday in the Dominican Republic has no vaccinations required and are not prescribed.

Many guests ask us if they should take a kind of first aid kit. All I can say if you want to like, here in the Dominican Republic, there are also very good drugs, so you do not need it really.

On the contrary, many people even take that from here to Germany because they are extremely cheap and quality companies such as Bayer made for example.

Youth Policy

Da wir immer wieder Anfragen betreffs Mädchen unter 18 erhalten möchten wir hier einiges dazu erläutern.

Wir raten dringend davon ab, in der Dom Rep Sex mit Minderjährigen zu suchen. Dies ist zwar unter Dominikanern erlaubt und auch gang und gebe, für Touristen gelten aber die einheimischen Gesetze.

Wir stellen immer wieder fest , das auf den Straßen (nicht wenige) Minderjährige Mädels zu finden sind, welche den Sex mit Touristen suchen. Dies ist in der Dom Rep absolut verboten und man kommt ohne vorherige Diskusionen SOFORT ins Gefängnis.

Und genau darauf legen es die Mädels an. Sie erpressen dann die jeweiligen Touristen , auch unter Mithilfe der gesamten Familie.

Also dringend die Finger davon lassen und auch IMMER den Ausweiß zeigen lassen.